Battery Service Cortlandt, NY

Many drivers take their car’s battery for granted. They get in the car each day, start the engine, and go about their business. But whether you drive a stylish Chrysler minivan, a high-powered Dodge muscle car, a versatile Jeep SUV, or a heavy-duty Ram truck, without a functioning battery, you’ll be going nowhere.

Like any other engine component, the battery requires regular maintenance to keep it working at full capacity. At Bill Volz Westchester, we offer drivers from Cortlandt and the surrounding areas of New York a comprehensive battery and electrical system service to ensure your car continues to start and run like new.

How Does a Car’s Battery Work?

Red and Black Jumper Cables connected to a battery

Your car’s battery is part of the electrical system and depends on other components to work efficiently. When you start your car, the battery stores electricity and sends power to the starter motor. When the engine is running, a belt drives the alternator, generating electricity to recharge the battery. As the battery ages, its charging capacity falls until it no longer has the power to start your car. You should replace it before it gets to that stage.

Bill Volz Westchester Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram Battery Service

At our state-of-the-art Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram (CDJR) service department in Cortlandt, New York, our factory-trained technicians are happy to take care of all the auto service and maintenance needs of our customers, old and new, from Westchester County and beyond. At Bill Volz Westchester, we only use genuine original equipment manufacturer parts, including batteries, for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles.

There isn’t a specific time to change your car’s battery, but it does have a limited life span. The only means of knowing its health is to schedule a full inspection by a specialist technician. We have the facilities and equipment to assess your battery’s condition and let you know if you need a replacement. A regular battery inspection will give you the peace of mind that it won’t die unexpectedly, leaving you stranded. Our experienced technicians will look at the battery’s exterior condition, terminals, and charging capacity.

What Does a Battery Inspection Include?

During a battery inspection, the technician will look for any exterior damage or defects that might cause it to fail. They’ll then use a voltmeter to test the battery’s cold-cranking amperage and charging capacity. Finally, they’ll clean the cable clamps and terminals. If the inspection shows the battery is not performing well, we’ll advise you to have it replaced. It’s often thought that harsh winter weather is the toughest for your battery, but the heat of the New York summers can be just as hard. So spring and fall are the ideal times for a battery inspection, before the onset of the hottest and coldest conditions.

Signs Your Car’s Battery Is Failing

With the New York State climate, your vehicle’s battery should have a life span of three to four years with average use, although it could last much longer. You’ll generally get some indication that it’s not performing properly before it lets you down. Your headlights might seem dimmer, or other electrical components could behave erratically.

Firstly, check the battery for leaks or corrosion around the terminals and clamps. If the battery warning light comes on, it shows the battery isn’t charging correctly. If the engine is slow turning over or the starter clicks when you try to start the car, you’re overdue for a replacement battery.

When you suspect your battery is failing, bring it to us at Bill Volz Westchester so we can check it. If it fails the inspection, we’ll replace it with a new manufacturer-recommended battery. If the battery is in good health but not charging properly, it could be another component causing the problem.

The usual suspect is a failed alternator, though it could also be the drive belt, starter, spark plugs, ignition, or a simple fuse. Our technician will detect the faulty part and replace it for you. If your battery dies unexpectedly, ensure no doors have been left ajar or lights on, draining the battery.

Battery Replacement

If your car battery fails an inspection or drops below a 12-volt charging capacity, you will need to have it changed. Even if it still starts your vehicle, replacing it before it dies is safer. Being stranded on the New York roads is inconvenient and dangerous, especially after dark. Allowing the battery to die completely can even damage your car’s intricate electrical systems.

When our Mopar-trained technicians replace your battery, they’ll also check the clamps and battery tray and remove any debris and acid residue. They’ll also make sure your car’s electronics aren’t disrupted or reset during the process. We’ll take care of recycling or responsibly disposing of your old battery. When buying a new battery, don’t forget to check our Mopar coupons for discounted batteries and other parts.

Tips for Extending Your Battery Life

As part of your routine car maintenance, along with checking the lights, tires, and fluid levels, you should inspect the battery. Look for corrosion on the terminals, ensure the clamps are tight, and check the battery is not loose in its tray. Other tips include:

  • Avoid frequent short trips. Starting your car is when your battery works hardest, and it doesn’t have time to recharge on a short journey fully.
  • Always turn the lights off when you turn the car off, even for a brief time, as they’re the biggest drain on the battery.
  • Avoid using electrical components when you’re parked — for example, when waiting for someone. Using the air-con, radio, or charging devices puts extra strain on the battery.

Taking care of your car’s battery will help prolong its life and keep your electrics working properly.

At Bill Volz Westchester, we make it easy for Cortlandt drivers to schedule a battery service, simply call us, fill out our online form, or visit our conveniently located service department. When you bring your vehicle in, you can relax in our comfortable waiting area and enjoy our first-class customer service while we take care of your car’s battery.

Photo Credit: Car Battery Beside an Engine by Julia Avamotive licensed with Pexels license